"We're in a Seller's Market"

by Jala Harris 7. June 2012 16:57

Budge Huskey, Coldwell Banker President and COO, appeared on FOXBusiness today and said "We're in a Seller's Market." Check out the entire segment below or click here. What do you think?

Dr. Seuss Does Real Estate

by Jala Harris 6. June 2012 16:54

Coldwell Banker Blue Matter
Published: June 4, 2012


The Lovely Listings of Loretta Listopolis
Loretta Listopolis works in the town known as Bailey
She's a really hard worker who prospects hard daily
Real estate is her business and she's really quite swell
So sit back and listen and her story I'll tell...
Miss Listoplois works in an office that is pink, green and blue
It's just two doors down from the office of Dr. Albus Magoo
And it sits on the opposite side of the street
From the place that sells lotion for your hands and your feet.
Loretta's been licensed to sell since returning to town
After graduating from Mulberry State in her cap and her gown
She majored in sales with a minor in poli-sci
Now she's helping her clients to sell, rent or buy.
She started by gathering all the names that she knew
Because that's what her manager told her to do.
She started calling around to all Bailey residents
When you're looking for business, you can't be too hesitant.
In a matter of weeks with her inventory growing
She had to hire a team to help with her showings.
"Buyers are great," said Loretta but she kept on insisting
That "to get to the top, I must focus on listings."
So she practiced her dialogues and sharpened her pitch
Until she could deliver her message with nary a hitch
It was a visual delight and a great demonstration
Of how you should deliver a listing presentation.
The sellers were awed and the objections were few
Loretta made it clear she knew just what to do
"Our marketing is great, so don't worry or fear,
But there's one simple thing that I must make quite clear."
"The price that we set on your house is the key.
We'll create lots of interest, just you wait and you'll see.
We must generate traffic in the day and the night
Then the buyers who like it, I promise they'll write."
"We'll get multiple offers from the interested many
They'll offer full price and even toss in a penny.
A frenzy will happen, they will hoot and they'll holler
They won't want to lose out so they'll offer top dollar."
Her service was awesome and her feedback was quick
Any issues were handled by her lickety-split.
If the Sellers were smart, they'd do just what she told 'em
Loretta's plan will work perfect and that's how she sold 'em.
So if you're living near Bailey and there's a move in your plans
Leave all the details to Loretta's capable hands.
She means what she says and she says what she meant
Hire Loretta Listopolis because she's worth every cent.

This came to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC from the highly entertaining and intelligent mind of Sean Carpenter who is the director of training for Coldwell Banker King Thompson & Coldwell Banker West Shell family of companies. Sean has written an extremely creative tale that answers the question, "What would a real estate story from Dr. Seuss look like?" (and to us it's pretty obvious Loretta is a Coldwell Banker Real Esate agent). Enjoy and be sure to check out Sean's blog or follow him on Twitter at @seancarp.
Image courtesy of Flickr user juggernautco.

The Value of Energy Efficient Homes

by Jala Harris 31. May 2012 19:33
The Gainesville Sun published an interesting article this morning entitled "More homebuyers willing to pay for 'green' features." The article features homebuyers, Realtors and appraisers sharing their perspectives on the value of energy efficient features in new homes. 
Dave Gibbs, sales associate with Coldwell Banker in Gainesville, was involved in helping the local MLS make modifications that enable consumers to search for properties that contain the energy efficient features that are priorities for many buyers today.
Click here to check out the article.

Time to Get Ready - It's Almost Hurricane Season!

by Jala Harris 30. May 2012 20:12
Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish, prepare for hurricane, hurricane preparedness

It's that time of year again -time to prepare for hurricane season! The hurricane season begins June 1 and extends through November 30. Not only do we have to worry about Hurricanes, but also about tropical storms and depressions, tornados, heavy rains, flooding and power outages.

Don't stress, though. This year, the NOAA and FEMA have organized the "Be a Force of Nature" campaign and getting involved is very simple. All you have to do is know your risk, take action and be an example.

Another aspect of the campaign involves "Pledging to Prepare." Upon doing this, you are pledging to take the first step toward making sure that your family is prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. As a bonus, you will receive the 2012 National Hurricane Preparedness Week Toolkit containing tons of helpful tips.

So, remember Floridians, the best thing you can do for your family and home this hurricane season is get prepared. Don't sit back and wait for disaster to strike. Take the initiative. Be a Force of Nature, Pledge to Prepare, or simply check out the resources that Alachua County has to offer. You should also check out the video below for some advice on how to prepare your home for hurricanes.




Goodbye John Laibson!

by Jala Harris 29. May 2012 16:12

gainesville real estate, gainesville realtor, real estate gainesville flWe are terribly saddened to announce that John Laibson is leaving Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish. Since the beginning John has been a tremendous contributor to our company - financially and culturally. It's been an awesome partnership, and we will miss him very much.

We thank you for all you've done John, and we wish you the very best in your new position as the Director of the Online Business Program at UF's Heavener School of Business.
Maybe one day we can work together again - we know you'll miss the thrill of the deal! J

In honor of those who have served...

by Jala Harris 25. May 2012 20:06

Summer is here...Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to beach weekends, outdoor cookouts and for those of us in Gainesville, as well as other parts of Florida, steamy hot temperatures.

As we all make plans for Memorial Day weekend it is also a time to reflect on what's truly important in our lives as Americans. A time to reflect on many of the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. Memorial Day is a day we honor those who lost their lives defending our great country and those who serve our country today.

So, let's take this weekend to give them all thanks for the personal sacrifice these heroes make every day. Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish wishes you all a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Now go take time this weekend and reflect on all you have to be thankful for, and make sure you thank all those veterans who have made your freedom their priority!

In honor of those who have served...Happy Memorial Day!

Gail Riley Joins Our Team!

by Jala Harris 25. May 2012 18:49

Gail has been a resident and homeowner in Gainesville since 1971. As a new graduate from the University of Miami in that year she came here to teach school. She taught exceptional student education and elementary education in Alachua County for 30 years. Over forty years later and thirty years of teaching behind her, she started a second career in real estate. By then she had two sons, one of which is also a REALTOR. In the ensuing years she attended the University of Florida and was awarded a Masters of Education degree in educational media and instructional design. She has been a Realtor for over 17 years. She has been awarded several recognitions, including Rookie of the Year, and million and multi-million dollar producer. She worked in several local on-site new home developments including Mentone, Longleaf, Belmont and Meadows on the Prairie. She also holds several industry designations including CSP and CAASH. She is very excited about being part of the Coldwell Banker company and looks forward to working with buyers and sellers to help them realize their level of comfort in the process of listing and purchasing a home.

Please join us in welcoming Gail to our team. We're very excited about the partnership!

Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) 1st Quarter 2012 Office and Retail Leasing Report for Alachua County

by Jala Harris 24. May 2012 16:50


 A little later than usual, but completed nonetheless, we present you with the Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) 1st Quarter 2012 Office and Retail Leasing Report for Alachua County. Our commercial market has improved for the third consecutive quarter in a row. Whether you are in residential or commercial, this report will benefit you.

In addition to the local quarterly leasing report that we do, we have also provided below our 2012 "Bluebook Market Review," which gives an excellent review of every market in the U.S. for 2012. The data is generated from the best CBC agents in over 110 markets and the info is super fast and easy to read. Alachua County is on page 15.

On a side note, we encourage you to sign up for free for The Business Report's new online newsletter called "The Business Report Insider." It comes out every other week and will feature breaking news, business advice, events, jobs, and other info that affects your business.

Brent Riley Joins Our Team!

by Jala Harris 23. May 2012 16:14

As a resident of Gainesville since 1971, Brent Riley has seen the real estate market in this emerging city grow at a rapid pace. His personal knowledge of the area makes him highly adept at finding the right home at the right price for buyers, and at pricing homes to sell quickly. Before joining Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish this week, Brent worked with Bosshardt Realty since 1991. He holds the GRI and CSP designations, as well as his FL Broker License.

Brent is well respected by his fellow agents. He served as president of the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors (GACAR) in 2001 and has held several other leadership positions over the years. He was named GACAR's Realtor of the Year in 2000.

We are thrilled to have Brent on our team and we look forward to a very successful partnership.

Congratulations Bill Warinner!

by Jala Harris 22. May 2012 19:15
From left to right: City Commissioner Tom Hawkins (representing the Mayor),
Bill Warinner AIA Architect and Realtor (with CBMMP),
Karen Kirkman (HHH), Richard Wagner (Joiner Construction)

On April 25, at the 2012 City Beautification Board Awards, the new Visitor's Center for the Historic Haile Homestead, at the Kanapaha Plantation, won the "Uniquely Gainesville" award.
The new Historic Haile Homestead visitor's center was designed by Gainesville architect, and one of our very own Realtors, Bill Warinner. According to Karen Kirkman, president of Historic Haile Homestead, the new facility will allow the property to improve programs for visitors and to host larger events.
Bill is an Aachen Designer, associated with the American Institute of Architect Gainesville, as well as a valued member of the Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish team. Bill is an industry veteran specializing in historic properties. His architectural practice and expertise provides his customers with comprehensive service options.
Congratulations Bill, and thanks for all you do!