Norma Adams Joins Our Team!

by Jala Harris 11. May 2012 17:34
Please join us in welcoming Norma B. Adams to our team.

Norma has been a top selling agent for over 24 years. She is also a Paul Harris Fellow in the Rotary Clubs of Gainesville and currently serves as a local director of Capital City Bank.

She and her husband, Hawes, have two daughters. One serving as a Lt. in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Jacksonville, and her youngest, a recent graduate of University of Florida, is a Lt. in the Air Force serving in Guam.

Norma will be working from our Haile Plantation office. She is an excellent sales person and we are delighted for the opportunity to work with her.

Welcome to our team, Norma!

The market is looking up and now is the time to buy!

by Jala Harris 10. May 2012 18:08


Good news! The market is looking up!

Compared to the same period last year, the market for single family residential properties continues to improve.

Currently, the active inventory of available properties has decreased compared to May 2011 while pending sales have increased, which causes our current 'Months Supply' to be lower than this same period last year.

As the market continues to improve, great bargains will be more difficult to identify, so let us help you get out there and start looking for your new home. NOW is the time to buy!   

Please check out our website, or join us on Facebook to get started.

100 Things to Love About Gainesville- Week 11

by Jala Harris 24. April 2012 15:48

We love our community, and with inspiration from The Village Journal, we would like to share with you some of the many reasons we think Gainesville is the best community in which to live, work and raise a family. Please check back weekly for more things to love.

51. The Baughman Center. Located on the University of Florida campus, on the shores of Lake Alice, this building placed 3rd for one of the top buildings in the state according to an online poll by the American Institute of Architects' Florida chapter. This location is a very popular spot for weddings in Gainesville.

52. Lakes. Whether you are looking for a spot to fish, ski, view nature or for a place to cool off during the hot summer months, there are many lakes around the Gainesville area to visit. Lake Alice on the campus of UF is a popular spot for students and residents to enjoy nature and perhaps view an alligator or two. Lake Wauburg south of Gainesville on 441 offers a spot for students and faculty to relax and perhaps participate in many activities such as boating, swimming or volleyball. Lake Santa Fe located northeast of Gainesville is a great spot for fishing, swimming or water skiing.

53. Cross Creek Honey Company. Local honey from a mother- son partnership, Nancy and Nicholas Gentry, is a resident favorite that you can find at almost all farmers markets and local stores. Their bees feed on land around Lochloosa Lake and Orange Lake and sold in all the popular varieties including Orange Blossom and Tupelo, depending on the season.

54. Gainesville ranked # 6 in a list of the "Top 25 Hardest Working Towns in America" by PARADE magazine in March 2012. The list took into account factors like the total number of hours worked, commute times, unemployment rates and the tendency for people to use personal time for work.

55. The Kika Silva Pla Planetarium located on the Northwest Campus of Santa Fe College. This planetarium is the only one of its kind located in the North Central Florida area and since its opening in 2006 has become a popular educational center for all ages.

24th Annual Fantasy Event Festival Brazil presented by STOP! Children's Cancer, Inc.

by Jala Harris 23. April 2012 17:28

Coldwell Banker M. M. Parrish Realtors Beau and Melissa Beery, Thomas Webb and Betsy Suda attend the 24th Annual Fantasy Event Festival Brazil presented by STOP! Children's Cancer, Inc. this past Saturday, April 21st at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center.


Bill Warinner Joins Our Team!

by Jala Harris 20. April 2012 20:36
We're excited to announce that Bill Warinner has joined our company.  Bill is an industry veteran specializing in historic properties.  His architectural practice and expertise provides his customers with comprehensive service options.  Among other things, Bill is heavily involved in preservation of historic properties at a state-wide level.  Click HERE for additional information about his background and qualifications.  We're proud to have Bill as part of our team.

Haile Plantation Office Ranks In Top 2% In North America for March Closings

by Jala Harris 20. April 2012 19:59

April 19, 2012



James Parrish
Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish, Realtors
5110 SW 91st Drive
Gainesville, FL 32608

Dear James:
Allow me to congratulate Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish, Realtors on achieving the following recognition for March 2012 performance, from among the 463 COLDWELL BANKER® affiliate offices throughout North America in Office Size Category 11-20 Sales Associates / Representatives:

Rank                        Award
10                             Top 20 Offices by Office Size Category - Total Units

I am extremely proud of the achievements of Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish, Realtors and honor you and your entire staff for your exemplary performance and dedication. An accomplishment such as this is no small task and you should be proud of your achievements and those of your staff.

Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish, Realtors continues to be a distinguished member of the Coldwell Banker® family and I wish you prosperity throughout 2012.

Best Regards,





100 Things to Love About Gainesville- Week 10

by Jala Harris 16. April 2012 16:00
Nothing is more important to Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors than our community. Our business IS our community. Although our Sales Associates come from many different backgrounds and many different walks of life, our company is a family that is just a small part of this community we love! With inspiration from The Village Journal, we would like to share with you reasons why we love Gainesville. Please check back weekly for more things to love.

46. Duck Pond at North Florida Regional Medical Center. This is the perfect spot to take a walk around the pond and feed ducks and turtles. You can park for free in the parking garage or on the street next to the pond.

47. Lillian's Music Store. Lillian's is a local downtown Gainesville favorite for live music since 1974. Join them for jam nights every Monday and karaoke every Wednesday.

48. Payne's Prairie State Park. Called the great Alachua Savannah by artist and naturalist William Bartram in 1774, this park became Florida's first state preserve in 1971 and is now on the National Natural Landmark list. This park offers something for everyone including 8 trails providing multiple opportunities to view wildlife such as alligators, bison, horses and numerous species of birds.

49. Gainesville was named one of the "Best Places to Work Out" by Men's Health in March of 2010. The article mentions one of Tim Tebow's workout spots the 1,500 steps at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Not one for running stadiums, Gainesville has multiple gyms including the Gainesville Health & Fitness Center.

50. Indigo Green Store. Sister of Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty Lord Phoenix, has an eco friendly store in Gainesville that specializes in environmentally friendly and non-toxic building materials and much more.


100 Things to Love About Gainesville- Week 9

by Jala Harris 10. April 2012 15:58
Nothing is more important to Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors than our community. Our business IS our community. Although our Sales Associates come from many different backgrounds and many different walks of life, our company is a family that is just a small part of this community we love! With inspiration from The Village Journal, we would like to share with you reasons why we love Gainesville. Please check back weekly for more things to love.

41. Gainesville is good for you. Gainesville ranked #8 of mid-sized cities on the "2010 State of Well-Being" report by Gallup-Healthways in March 2011.

42. Historic Haile Homestead. Experience a piece of history from over a century ago while you visit one of the few remaining antebellum homes in North Central Florida right off Archer Road. The Haile family relocated to Gainesville from South Carolina in 1854. The home is known for its "Talking Walls", the Haile family wrote on the walls of their home- over 12,500 words.

43. One could say Rock and Roll was born in Gainesville. Tom Petty, front man of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Don Felder, one of the founding members of the Eagles, were both born in Gainesville. Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills and Nash, grew up in Gainesville and the band Sister Hazel was formed here and named for a nun at a local homeless shelter, Sister Hazel Williams. And nearby Archer was home to rock & roll legend- Bo Diddley.

44.Newberry. This small town west of Gainesville is a great getaway or place to call home. Popular spots in Newberry include their own Newberry's Backyard Bar B Q or the Easton Newberry Sports Complex, the host to Olympic archery training.

45. Parks. The city of Gainesville alone has over 25 parks for the community to enjoy. Westside Park is a very popular city park and has something for everyone including 2 playgrounds, ball fields, pool and Splash Park.


GREEN Features Added to MLS in Alachua County

by Jala Harris 2. April 2012 14:48

Contributed by Dave Gibbs -- Your Real Estate Pro

There is an increasing level of awareness among developed nations what is happening to our environment and the planet we live on as we burn more and more fossil fuels for transportation and energy generation. The United States leads in an initiative to reverse this dangerous trend. It is all about education and alternatives.

In the U.S. residences and commercial buildings (Buildings) accounted for 41% of the total primary energy consumption in 2010. Space heating, cooling and lighting are the dominant end uses. In the "Buildings" energy consumption sector homes accounted for 54% and commercial buildings 46%.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

With an increased level of awareness and education comes an increase in the demand for alternatives.

Being the highly educated and progressive community that it is the demand for GREEN alternatives in Gainesville is not only being felt but is being met with dynamic innovation. Gainesville Florida was the first in the nation to institute a utility feed in tariff (FIT) program enabling consumers and investors to solar equip Buildings and sell solar generated power back to the grid at a fixed rate.

Consumers are now looking for all the GREEN features that are available. Demand is on the increase.

The Gainesville Alachua County Association of Realtors® (GACAR) is out in front of the increasing consumer demand for energy saving and environmentally friendly GREEN alternatives in residential dwellings with the addition of 73 new features in the local real estate broker's multiple listing system (MLS). The MLS is globally syndicated allowing GREEN residential features in homes so equipped to be recognized and evaluated as compared to all homes on the market for sale. The advantages to the consumer are multifold.

The Buyer looking for a home with GREEN features will now be able to search andfind what they are looking for in the local Gainesville market.

The existing home owner interested in upgrading their property and investing in GREEN features that are now more in demand are able to do so and have it be recognized when time comes they are ready to put their property on the market for sale.

The professional property appraisers (working on behalf of the lenders) who are also member users of the local MLS use this database extensively for comparative residential valuation and are now able to identify and accurately appraise the impact on value that the various GREEN features bring to the market place.

The addition of GREEN features in the GACAR MLS is a WIN-WIN-WIN for everybody and it is the local association of real estate professionals that lead the way in Gainesville Florida.

If you are in the market to sell or buy a home contact a Realtor®. It is to your best advantage.

Chamber of Commerce Introduces MindTree

by Jala Harris 30. March 2012 19:42

by Beau Beery, CCIM, MSRE
Owner, President
Coldwell Banker Commercial M.M. Parrish Realtors

Some of those in attendance as speakers: Mayor Craig Lowe, Paula Delaney, Bernie Machen, Mike Gallager, Florida's Lt Governor

A packed room full of business owners at the Hilton celebrated the new addition of MindTree. Also, as a community we've brought Silverwing Airways and helped Prioria establish a home at the GRU facility.

Mitch Glaeser, Chair of Chamber of Commerce, spoke - This project began under Tommy McIntosh's leadership. Mitch introduced Scott Staples, Co-Founder and President Americas, MindTree. Scott wore a Florida Gator tie, which everyone loved.

Scott said we are your new neighbor and that they're glad to be here. MindTree is a global software company, provide services to Fortune 2000 companies. They do work for Ebay, Home Depot, Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, etc. They were the best mid-size company and they are from India. They build and test software. They have 11,000 employees around the world. They have revenues of $100M a quarter. They have revenue growth of 20% per year. They are the 2010 most admired company. Ranked #2 in Asia for Coprorate Governance. They are known for their culture, with unwavering dedication, and they worship integrity. Integrity is #1. Clients come to them for their abilites but companies stay with them because of their culture.

One of the cool things he likes is that he can say "Yaw" in Gainesville. The whole U.S. was in the running for their presence but they narrowed it down to the Southeast. They called all the major Universities next. The State of Florida had fantastic statistics about the success of the companies located here, many of whom were their clients. They needed a community that thrived on innovation and action. He said Gainesville was the most well orchestrated message he saw in the entire State.

Tim Tebow sent him a signed football and said Gainesville was good to him and it will be good for MindTree too. Scott will be sending the same thanks to Tebow that NJ was just as good for them and will be good to Tebow.

Other states and communities wanted them. He said Gainesville needed them and they needed Gainesville. They need help hiring good people. They are bringing 400 jobs over the next 5 years. They are gonna renovate the Ayers building and asked Ed Poppell how the building permit was going. Everyone laughed. He congratulated Brent Christensen and said he was fantastic during the whole orchestration. Scott gave Brent a conductor piece award.

Scott gave an analogy of how important this was for the community. Long story short, he wants to win a national championship and bring 500 jobs, 600 jobs, and so on. This has to be a success because their clients want it and they want it. He wants to make Gainesville the Silicon Valley of the southeast. The world is watching.

Mitch then introduced Jennifer Carroll, Lt. Governor for Florida. She talked about how good a decision Scott made to bring MindTree here.

Mitch then introduced UF President Bernie Machen. He said MindTree is the exact company we were all looking for to spark our movement. Bernie told Scott that Gainesville has really taken he and his wife and made them part of this community. He said UF is here to do what it can to help them anyway they can. He introduced their head of the College of Engineering to discuss the training their students go thru.

She said this introduction is exactly what their College looks to create. In the last 5 years, College of Engineering has produced $300M in outside funding. She thanked Scott for their decision.

Mitch introduced County Commissioner Paula DeLaney. She talked about how incredible Innovation Square is.

Mitch introduced Mayor Craig Lowe who jokingly told Rick Drummond to make sure the permit is ready for MindTree in Ayers. He thanked GRU for their help in infrastructure, among others. He was very thankful to MindTree for their decision.

Mitch ended by thanking a number of companies for making this happen and singled out Ed Poppell, Brent Christensen, and David Ramsey.