Obamacare Real Estate Tax Confusion

by Jala Harris 17. July 2012 18:35
As election season heats-up, we're seeing a lot of political propaganda (from both camps) surrounding certain provisions of the health care legislation passed soon after Obama took office. 
Some of the information floating around the internet is incomplete, inaccurate and is causing confusion for folks engaged in real estate transactions.  Specifically, we hear questions about an investment tax that is incorrectly perceived as a real estate transfer tax.  All questions about the tax consequences of any specific transaction should be directed to tax professionals. 
However, to help our customers and friends better understand, generally, what this is and whether it may impact them, we want to share a blog post titled "The 3.8% Tax Is Not a Real Estate Transfer Tax," by Robert Freedman, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine. Please note the link at the bottom which leads to a detailed brochure created by the National Association of Realtors®. 
We hope you find this accurate information helpful. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.  
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New CRE Insights Video: "Contents of a Solid Investment Marketing Package"

by Jala Harris 12. July 2012 20:51
Dear Customers and Colleagues:

Please check out Coldwell Banker Commercial's new "CRE Insights" video, "Contents of a Solid Investment Marketing Package."

It is a short, 5-minute video on how to put together a good commercial sale investment package and what content is essential to have in it.
Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Insights is an informative video podcast summarizing all things important in commercial real estate, both nationally and locally. Each segment is different, but one thing remains the same - they are informative and educational.
For more information, please feel free to contact Beau Beery, at 352.871.8324, or Todd Rainsberger, at 352.339.5533.

Summer Hot List Week 3: Top Ten Beaches Within A Day's Drive

by Jala Harris 11. July 2012 18:50

Welcome to the third week of our summer blog series, courtesy of Gainesville Magazine's Summer Hot List. Get ready for some fun in the sun because this week, we're going to the beach! Here's to sandy toes, succulent sunshine and all the H2O you can handle. So, here you go, five of the list's "Top Ten Beaches within a Day's Drive."

1. Crecent Beach
Travel time: one hour, 29 minutes

2. Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine
Travel time: one hour, 45 minutes

3. Jacksonville Beach
Travel time: one hour, 48 minutes

4. Flagler County Beaches
Travel time: one hour, 50 minutes

5. Amelia Island State Park
Travel time: two hours

For a brief description of each beach listed above, as well as five more of the "Top Ten Beaches," check out the full article of "Top Ten Beaches within a Day's Drive" by Patricia Klier.


Exciting Announcement About the Growth of Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish

by Jala Harris 9. July 2012 20:56


J. Parrish
President - Coldwell Banker M.M Parrish Realtors
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Gainesville, Florida                                                                                                                              
July 9, 2012
Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors is growing.  Despite what some people characterize as a slow real estate market, CBMMP has added a number of well-known local members of the real estate community.  Says President J Parrish, "We're very optimistic about the future and I think people are attracted to that optimism.  Everyone wants to be in a growing, exciting environment and we're creating that here." 

Beau Beery, Partner and President of Coldwell Banker Commercial, echoed those sentiments, "Part of our company mission is to create what we call a 'culture of success' which is a positive, upbeat atmosphere that fosters productivity and makes for a fun work environment.  It doesn't matter what the market is doing, we're going to be successful." 

People seem attracted to that kind of attitude as evidenced by the new faces in the office over that past few months: Norma Adams, Bill Wariner and Jeff Dautel from ERA Preferred Properties, Perry Pursell, Margaret Posey and Larry Alvarez from Remax, Annette Armstrong from Prudential Trend Realty, Amy Hogue from Cole Development and Realty, Joanne Lawlor from Century 21 Lakeside, Jacqui Knowles from Campus Realty.  New additions from Bosshardt Realty Services include Rick Cain, Michael Kitchens, Brent Riley and Gail Riley.

J Parrish points out that several recent additions are a direct result of naming Mike Kitchens as the Executive Vice President in charge of sales.  "Mike's reputation in the local industry is so good that people know they're going to get unmatched support.  Mike is such a positive sales leader that good agents appreciate having him to back them up."

Jacqui Knowles, a residential specialist who recently joined the team, says, "Joining Coldwell Banker has been the best decision for my real estate career.  With a strong brand presence as well as history of success in the Gainesville area, Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish has provided me with the opportunity to grow my business.  I feel fortunate to work among the most professional, educated and dedicated agents in the industry." 
Another newcomer, commercial real estate veteran Perry Pursell, adds, "The Coldwell Banker Commercial brand is commanding a lot of respect in the marketplace.  We have so many tools and approaches that I've never seen anywhere else.  And they work."  Former GACAR President and the newest CBMMP addition Brent Riley adds, "It's refreshing to work with the Leadership here. They are approachable and responsive. That creates an atmosphere of success for the agents and ultimately our clients."

According to J Parrish, "This is just the beginning.  We have a long-term plan for dynamic growth.  As the market continues to improve, we're going to be well-positioned to take maximum advantage."


July 2012 Alachua County Market Activity Reports

by Jala Harris 9. July 2012 18:07

The July 2012 Alachua County Market Activity Reports for single family and attached products are now available.  We generate these reports every 30 days to assist our sales team in discussions with buyers and sellers.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the data presented in the reports.

For single family residential properties, our market continues to improve compared to the same period last year

Our active inventory has dropped over 17% from 1634 to 1348 homes for sale in early July.  Our total pending sales have increased over 36% from 300 to 409.  Of the total pending sales, the number that have gone pending in the past 30 days has increased 40% from 135 to 189, and most of this large increase has occurred between the $50k and $250k price points.  Our 'Months Supply' has improved (dropped) by more than 41% from 12.1 months last July to 7.1 months this year.  Activity levels are considerably higher than this time last year. 
Overall, our sales team is very busy, and we're beginning to see more buyers competing for well‑positioned properties.
You may always access the latest pricing reports from the homepage as well.  

Summer Hot List Week 2: Springs Close Enough for a Quick Dip

by Jala Harris 3. July 2012 19:55
Welcome to the week two of our summer blog series, courtesy of Gainesville Magazine's Summer Hot List.

Looking for a relaxing way to beat the heat? Or, maybe you're searching for an exotic adventure to take part in. Either way, we're sure that these three nearby springs will help you cool off and have a little fun! Presenting to you, three springs that are "Close Enough for a Quick Dip," by Casey Moore.

Check out the entire article, "Cooling Off: Six Springs Close Enough for a Quick Dip," which features all six springs here.  


Congress Votes to Keep Flood Insurance Program

by Jala Harris 2. July 2012 20:15


WASHINGTON (AP) - July 2, 2012 - Congress on Friday approved a 5-year extension to the National Flood Insurance Program, which covers 5.6 million people.

Failure to renew the program would have been a blow to the fragile housing market because potential homeowners in flood-susceptible areas would be unable to close on mortgages or refinance loans. A two-month lapse in the program in 2010 resulted in some 1,400 home sales a day being cancelled.

Congress created the flood insurance program in 1968 because few private insurers cover flood damage, leaving the government to cover the costs of disasters. Many of those covered by the program live in flood-prone areas where flood insurance is mandatory for those with mortgages from federally regulated lenders.

The program was generally self-sustaining until Hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes struck in 2005. The program now owes the Treasury nearly $18 billion dollars.

The plan approved Friday attempts to put the program on better financial footing by giving the government greater flexibility to raise rates. It also ends federal coverage for some properties, including vacation homes.

The flood insurance measure was included in a package of bills that also set federal transportation policy and prevent a doubling of interest rates for millions of college students.

It includes a provision by Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., that enlists the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to assess the nature of hurricane damage. After Katrina, private insurers tried to avoid paying claims for wind damage, saying that homes were destroyed by federally covered water damage.

It also moves to improve the floodplain mapping of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which runs the flood insurance program, and streamlines FEMA efforts to raise or move homes that are sources of repetitive claims to the insurance fund.

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Summer Hot List Week 1: Sweetest Spots to Picnic

by Jala Harris 27. June 2012 16:42

Welcome to the first week of our summer blog series, courtesy of Gainesville Magazine's Summer Hot List. The first fun activity on the list requires nothing more than a delicious meal, a cozy blanket and some of the best scenery around. So, get your picnic basket ready because here are five of the 10 "Sweetest Spots to Picnic."

1. Cellon Oak Park, 4100 NW 169th Place
2. The Thomas Center, 202 NE Sixth Ave.
3. Bivens Arm Nature Park, 3650 South Main St.
4. Lake Alto, 17800 NE 134th Place
5. Owen-Illinois Park, 11309 SE 16th Ave.

For a brief description of each spot listed above, as well as five more "sweet spots," check out the full article of "In Search of the Sweetest Spots to Picnic" by Laura Bernheim.


Realtors® Progressive Luncheon

by Jala Harris 26. June 2012 17:06
Calling all licensed Realtors®
This Friday, June 29, from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 a.m., Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish will be hosting a Progressive Luncheon.
This is a free event and requires no registration!
Please join us at all three locations and you could win a $50 Visa giftcard!
Please see the flyer below for details.  
Coldwerll Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors

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Who's Ready for Their Best Summer Yet?

by Jala Harris 21. June 2012 17:09

Goodbye Spring and HELLLO Summer! 

In honor of the summer season, we will be bringing you a series of summer blog posts, courtesy of Gainesville Magazine. In its most recent issue, Gainesville Magazine has put together a "Summer Hot List" and we are sure glad they did!

Starting next Wednesday, and for the following 11 weeks, we will be covering each item on their list, including great picnic spots, nearby get-a-ways, golf tips, exercise alternatives to beat the summer heat, the perfect burger, and so much more.

So, who's ready to have their best summer yet? Check back next Wednesday for the Summer Hot List's "Sweetest Spots to Picnic." And while you're at it, Gainesville Magazine would love it if you would "like" their Facebook page!